Peakdale Molecular at Discovery Park Sandwich

Discovery Park houses 1.5m sq. ft. of high-class secure accommodation and is located at the former Pfizer site in Sandwich, Kent – one of the largest research and development facilities in Europe. The site was the heart of Pfizer’s global research, development and manufacturing capability.

During its fifty year heritage the world class facilities and office spaces were developed in three distinct phases with many of the specialist research and development laboratories – the Millennium Buildings – built just over a decade ago. Now, Discovery Park is home to a host of international companies and organisations looking to build upon the heritage of the site and create a new legacy.

Peakdale Molecular operates 10 state-of-the-art laboratory facilities on the Discovery Park at Sandwich in Discovery Park House. Here, Peakdale has developed a deep experience of providing an embedded discovery service which, at its most sophisticated level, places its scientists’ renowned skills for project management and problem-solving right alongside the clients’ own team. Communications and vibrant interaction with clients are unequalled.

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Discovery Park House Sandwich
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Peakdale Laboratories at Discovery Park

The Peakdale laboratories contain the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment and instrumentation for research, synthesis, process development and scale-up projects, operated independently and confidentially by our own scientific staff. At the end of 2011, we increased our laboratory space at the Discovery Park and can offer a full complement of services, including:

Covering the depth and breath of modern organic
synthetic techniques our FTE work can be carried
out either on a project basis or under a
fixed term contract.

Access to state-of-the-art facilities for gaseous
chemistry, offers both scale synthesis and a
reaction screening service that optimises
reagents, catalyst loading or reaction time.

Providing external resources to complement
customers’ research either on an FTE
arrangement or project basis.

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