Discovery Tools

Using our expertise, built in-house by performing novel and challenging chemistries, we have designed a catalogue of over 700 non-exclusive intermediates that can be ordered directly from stock to support pharmaceutical research.


Peakdale’s business and reputation have been built upon our chemists’ ability to design and synthesise useful intermediates for pharmaceutical and allied research. The success of these intermediates is reflected in our customers’ achievements and the use of these practical building blocks in the design and synthesis of novel compounds. Many of these novel compounds are currently in various stages of our clients’ drug discovery and development pipelines.


The intermediates catalogue provides our customers with access to a huge variety of practical building blocks, many of which are unique to Peakdale. We supply all of these compounds in research quantities from stock, while our kilo lab facility allows us to offer many of these intermediates in 100g-1kg lots with lead times of only 4-6 weeks.


In addition to our in-house developments, and in order to drive diversity and novelty in customers’ drug discovery programmes, Peakdale fosters strategic collaborations that add new ranges to the intermediates catalogue. One such example of this innovation is a collaboration with Materia Inc. which resulted in the development of a series of spirodiamine compounds. Such spirodiamines have been shown to be useful in the construction of novel pharmaceutically relevant investigative compounds.


A Powerful Synthon for Amino Acid Synthesis

In collaboration with Prof. Richard Jackson’s group at Sheffield University, Peakdale Molecular has developed a robust and reliable synthetic route to (R)-methyl 2-((tert-utoxycarbonyl)amino)-3-iodopropanoate (Peakdale ID 2009898), on a multi-gram to kilogram scale.

Protected iodoalanine is an extremely useful chiral building block which is a precursor to a wide range of enantiomerically pure proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids using metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of the organozinc iodide prepared by treatment with suitably activated zinc.

Recent improvements in the method for the Negishi cross-coupling reaction of the organozinc iodide with aryl halides have been reported allowing the range of products that can be prepared to be substantially expanded. A wide range of other applications of the zinc reagent has been reported.