Drug Discovery Support Services at Peakdale

We place great emphasis on the close interaction between our medicinal chemists, our Computational Chemistry department, our Synthetic Chemistry, and our in vitro ADMET department. This ensures timely, practical hypothesis testing, accelerating the make-test cycle to meet your project aspirations and facilitating progression to LO.

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Peakdale offers a range of in vitro ADMET predictive models, delivering accurate and reproducible data, maintaining a focus on efficient turnaround times to facilitate our customers’ drug discovery programmes.

Peakdale has built up medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry expertise across therapeutic areas and spanning the drug discovery process from hit generation to Phase I clinical studies.

Computational Chemistry at Peakdale is a highly flexible and innovative service founded on integration with and the requirements of, medicinal chemists and biologists.

We have a strong track record for delivery of parallel synthesis projects. Across both sites, we have the technology for carrying out parallel reactions, either in solution-phase or solid-phase.

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Includes Nucleoside and Nucleotide chemistry
and Carbohydrate chemistry services.

Includes Printable Electronics, Nanomaterials, Performance Lubricants and Fuel Additives Services.

Including PR&D, Analytical, Pressure Chemistry, Hydrogenation, Microwave Chemistry and specialist services including UV Reactions and Ozonolysis.

We offer different business models depending on your project requirements. Work can either be carried out on a fee-for-service or an FTE basis.

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